eMarketing for European Public Affairs

eMarketingServices.eu | July 24th, 2009 - 17 h 03 min

eMarketing – the marketing of products and services – is now going to play a major role in European public affairs and help European Actors to reach a strategic presence, visibility and influence on key political issues.


eMarketing, also referred to as Internet marketing, i-marketing, web-marketing or online marketing can be defined as the marketing of products, services or brands via and over the Internet.


The objectives of an eMarketing campaign is usually to generate an online strategic presence and visiblity which concretely translate into a qualified trafic of visitors converting hopefully into avid customers of your products or services and eventually turn them into real fans of your brand.

eMarketing for European Actors

Whether you are a PR / PA Consultancy, an Industry Federation, an EU Institution, a Political Party, a Think-Tank or a NGO, it is not possible to ignore the opportunities of Internet in terms of lobbying. It is now time not only to generate a presence a minima by creating a website but strategically integrate a coherent eMarketing to reach visibility and influence on the Internet.

eMarketing professionals call this strategic integration of eMarketing tactics into an European public affairs campaign eLobbying – that is seeking to influence decision-makers through the strategic use of Internet strategies.

eMarketing for European Public Affairs

Indeed, while the fragmented nature of EU institutional structure provides multiple channels through which organized interests may seek to influence policy-making, the Internet is now definitely becoming one of this channel in the context of the development of the information society and of the knowledge economy.

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