Would EU Lobbyists underestimate the Internet?

eMarketingServices.eu | July 25th, 2009 - 14 h 59 min

So far, it seems that most of Brussels’ lobbyists are underestimating the opportunites generated by the Internet such as improving online visibility on key political issues, positionning itself as Key Online Leader (KOL) or influencing indirectly decision-makers.

Lobbying and the Internet

Helen Dunnet

Indeed, I recently stumbled upon an enlightening article from EurActiv.com about Brussels’ lobbying based on the recent interview of Helen Dunnet, former eCommunications manager at the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) and current EU Corporate Communications Manager at Microsoft.

Helen Dunnet: Brussels’ Lobbying and the Web

Her conclusions about current practices in terms of European Public Affairs is striking:
“Brussels-based communications and public affairs professionals are aware of the importance of the web, most are still holding firm to their traditional working styles,” like distributing press releases and hosting press conferences”.

US Lobbying and EU Lobbying

Comparison between US Public Affairs and EU Public Affairs

US Public Affairs, especially since Barack Obama’s political campaign which was strategically based on the comprehensive use of social media, has been quickly embracing the Web – in particular blogs and social-networks.
Such a difference with EU Public Affairs is certainly historical and cultural: The United States is a nation with a federal structure while the European Union is still an agregation of Member States with their political structures, culture differences and languages specificities. While the institutional mechanisms in Washington has been stable for decades, the EU is in constant flux over whether to expand or even roll back Brussels’s powers.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Learning from the US way of Lobbying and encouraging Best Practicies

It is certainly time of EU stakeholders to harness the Web and seriously adress the opportunities of Internet Marketing within the EU Bubble.  In that sense, US way of political campaining is much more comprehensive than the EU one for US lobbyists have clearly understood the necessity of a 360° approach bringing both the advantages of the print and of the online world.

This conclusion is also confirmed by the latest survey run by the European Communication Monitor which states in particular that:

  • Communication professionals in Europe are less powerful than in the United States
  • Online videos and social networks are the hottest emerging channels in 2009

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