Being an SEO Consultant in Brussels | November 28th, 2009 - 18 h 30 min

Providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services is generally quite a tough job. Not only because is a complex discipline as it itself but also because you often have to spend most of your time explaining what is SEO to your client and how he can benefit from it.

A profession at the intersection of technology, marketing and statistics

Being a webmarketer in Brussels is very challenging, especially when dealing with European affairs. Not only you have to possess a sound knowledge of how things work in the Brussels bubble but you also have to be somehow a technologist, a marketer and a statistician at the same time. This first diagram perfercly illustrates the complexity of our profession.

SEO consultant - Diagram

What does a SEO consultant?

If you are a SEO consultant, you have probably been confronted to the inexpertimentation of a client. And I would dare to say I generally dedicate more time explaining why SEO is a worhwile cost-effective channel rather than actually optimizing websites. This also the reason of the existence of our glossary dedicated to eMarketing. This second diagram I think perfectly illustrates this problem.

How SEO consultants spend their time

That’s why, I also provide dedicated eMarketing trainings to my clients. This is the best way to raise awareness about SEO issues and eventually turn your attendants into future clients.