About Search Engine Ranking Factors

eMarketingServices.eu | January 29th, 2010 - 17 h 43 min

Google search engine ranking factors are among the most important elements to check in any SEO consulting. Doing this regularly should ensure that the strategies implemented are optimal. If deficiencies are found regarding the performances of a website, a SEO consultant would normally try to improve it in three core areas:

  • Optimizing the architecture to ensure the website is crawled and indexed by search engines
  • Optimizing the content to ensure the website includes the right keywords at the right places
  • Optimizing the incoming links to ensure the website receive quality incoming links from relevant domains

Search Engine ranking FactorsAn interesting article from the website SEOchat has been trying to verify these statements while focusing primarily on the the incoming link which is one of the most important search engine ranking factor. Basing his analysis on SEOmoz search engine ranking factors, with a particular emphasis on the top five ranking factors, the author demonstrates on which factors it is important to concentrate one’s efforts. We strongly invite you to have a lot a this article.

The conclusion confirms SEOmoz study and totally goes in line with what we have been doing in our eMarketing agency. Actually, the most seems to make sure that incoming links use the targeted keywords in the anchor text and come from relevant related domains.