Google’s Rankings Factors: Evolution from 1999 to 2011

admin | August 4th, 2011 - 14 h 51 min

Rand_FishkinAs said, Rand Fishkin is certainly my favourite author. His added-value analysis are always worth to look at, especially when tackling rankings factors. In this insights-full presentation, he analyzed briefly the evolution Google’s Rankings Factors in a time-span of 10 years. Basically, the history of Google’s Rankings Factors is also the history of Google’s fight against spam, insidious SEO techniques.




  • On-page optimization was the most important factor
  • PageRank had a real ranking influence at that time
  •  Anchor text became of utmost importance to implement link-building campaign
  • Keyword match domain was still of importance as well as its history along time
  • Logically, the notion of “domain authority” appeared
  • The diversity of external link sources became more and more important
  • In an ultimate attempt to reduce spam, social media (Tweeter + Facebook) are growing in importance. “RTs”, “Shares” and “Likes” are getting more and more attention to Google.
  • It seems now that link-based factors represents not anymore 60% of the equation of Google’s rankings