About Search Engine Ranking Factors

eMarketingServices.eu | January 29th, 2010 - 17 h 43 min

Google search engine ranking factors are among the most important elements to check in any SEO consulting. Doing this regularly should ensure that the strategies implemented are optimal. If deficiencies are found regarding the performances of a website, a SEO consultant would normally try to improve it in three core areas:

  • Optimizing the architecture to ensure the website is crawled and indexed by search engines
  • Optimizing the content to ensure the website includes the right keywords at the right places
  • Optimizing the incoming links to ensure the website receive quality incoming links from relevant domains


Does SEO have any future?

eMarketingServices.eu | January 29th, 2010 - 15 h 04 min

If you are a SEO consultant, you are probably caring about this issue. After having been observing the multiples changes of the algorithm of Google, and especially the universal search, the personnalized search and the real-time search, I came to the conclusion that it will become increasingly hard to monopolize key positions ad vitam aeternam.


Google Inc.’s Acquisition and Investment Strategy

eMarketingServices.eu | December 11th, 2009 - 16 h 55 min

Along the years, Google Inc. has acquired many companies with the goal to provide an integrated solution which could eventually be a substitute to the Internet itself. Indeed, Google Inc. doesn’t only provide search-related services but it provides a whole integrated environment in which the Internet user is more and more captive. I can’t even name an Internet service or product where Google Inc. is not at the forefront. I guess that when every Internet user will have a Google account, this will simply mean the complete domination of the Internet by Google.Inc.


White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

eMarketingServices.eu | December 6th, 2009 - 17 h 29 min

While White Hat SEO techniques aim at optimizing a website with respect to search engines guidelines, Black Hat SEO seeks to bypass these rules in order to reach a quicker and most effective visibility.

White Hat SEO

As a SEO consultant in Brussels, I only White Hat SEO techniques to help my client increase their presence and visibility on the Internet. These techniques provide long-lasting qualified traffic on your website.


Being an SEO Consultant in Brussels

eMarketingServices.eu | November 28th, 2009 - 18 h 30 min

Providing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services is generally quite a tough job. Not only because is a complex discipline as it itself but also because you often have to spend most of your time explaining what is SEO to your client and how he can benefit from it.

Web Analytics – Reaching out a Target Audience

eMarketingServices.eu | November 18th, 2009 - 20 h 37 min

On the great thing with Internet marketing is the faculty to effectively reach out a target audience and comprehensively analyze the impact assessment of an eMarketing campaign thanks to Web Analytics.

About Web Analytics

As to the Official WAA Definition, Web Analytics  is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. For more details, see our glossary dedicated to eMarketing. Generally speaking, Web Analytics can be off-site and on-site.

Web Analytics Association


eMarketing Consultant in Brussels

eMarketingServices.eu | November 14th, 2009 - 19 h 33 min

As a Brussels-based eMarketing consultant, I provide eMarketing services in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

eMarketing = SEO + SEM + SMO

eMarketing and Performance

As an eMarketing expert based in Brussels, I provide Internet services to help you increase your presence and visibility on the web. I developed a solid expertise in three fundamentals fiels that are SEO, SEM and SMO.


Europa.eu, the official web portal of the EU institutions is being revamped

eMarketingServices.eu | September 21st, 2009 - 17 h 06 min

Europa.eu, the official web portal of the EU institutions is being revamped  with the objective of making it “easier to find what you’re looking for on the EU site’s main pages – in any official EU language”.

A user-centric approach

With the help of Ernst & Young, which performed a web audit on Europa.eu, DG Communication followed an qualitative approach through dividing the overall navigation of the website into six main themes focusing on the Internet visitors’ needs.

The new Europa.eu

The new Europa.eu


The European Parliament Online Campaign for the 2009 European Elections

eMarketingServices.eu | August 21st, 2009 - 14 h 07 min

How did the European Parliament encourage online the European Citizens to participate to the 2009 European Elections? In which ways, the strategic use of social media helped to raise awareness about the European Parliament Elections 2009?


European Parliament Logo

The turnout of the European Parliament Elections has been falling steadily since the first elections in 1979 indicating increased apathy about the Parliament despite its increase in power over that period.

In order to reverse this tendency, the European Parliament is increasingly using the Internet to reach out the European citizens online. The year 2009 was particularly interesting for the use of social media like social-networking and content-sharing web platforms.


European Commission Salaries

eMarketingServices.eu | August 20th, 2009 - 14 h 08 min

EurosHow much earn an European Commission Official? What about temporary staff like Contract Agents or Interim Staff (Intérimaires)? How are calculated the salaries to work at the European Commission?

Working at the European Commission

Since the recent revamping of the website of the European Personnel Selection Office, the body responsible for selecting staff to work for the Institutions of the European Union (European Parliament, the European Council, the European Commission, the European Court of Justice, the Court of Auditors, the Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and the European Ombudsman), it is really easier to find information about how to work within the EU.