The Herborist Metaphore: Apply Social Media to Your Online Communications | June 1st, 2010 - 11 h 54 min

For those being not herborists, taraxacum is a genus of plants in the family Asteraceae. A number of species of Taraxacum are regarded as seed dispersed weeds. After pollination is finished, the dandelion flower dries out  and then the seed-bearing parachutes expand and lift out of the dried flower head.


When the European Commission is trying out eMarketing (Social Media Optimization) | July 21st, 2009 - 17 h 50 min

European Commission LogoI recently ventured on a blog dedicated to media in the EU and stumbled on an article about the recent shift in the online communication of the European Commission, especially in terms of SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Indeed, it seems that the DG Information Society and Media has created a Fan Page on Facebook entitled “Sea, Sun and SMS” with the objective of promoting the new regulation about roaming lowering significantly the prices of phone calls and text messages (1 July 2009).